Vector Image Advantages

File Sizes

Because a vector is actually an inventory of instructions on the way to display the image, the file size can often be smaller than an identical image in bitmap form.

Scaling a vector image has little or no impact on the file size. Resizing a bitmap image however, features a dramatic effect because thousands (and sometimes millions) of pixels are created or removed to match the new size.


The ability to simply scale Vector Images to any size may be a great advantage. they will be resized without ever losing image quality: the pictures remain perfectly sharp at any size. the pc simply redraws the vector image using the mathematical data within the file to its new adjusted scale.

When bitmap images are resized, pixels are lost (if scaled down) or duplicated (if scaled up) which end in a “fuzzy” or “blurred” image of poorer quality.


With Vector editing applications like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape the vector image files can easily be edited. The points and paths of individual objects are often selected and altered or deleted as needed . the colours or fills within the image also can be selected and modified with ease.

Bitmap images are often edited with applications like Adobe Photoshop but the individual elements within the image aren’t always selectable.